Friday, September 28, 2018

Learn Electronics - Without Soldering

If your child ever showed an interest in electronics you might have shyed away from the idea when you start to think about the soldering Iron that could be a danger. Breadboards are also an option, but at a young age children need to see the connections between components to better understand the functioning.

We are now offering electronics kits that are built on a piece of wood. The entire circuit is assembled using thumbtacks for the electrical connection points, and paperclips to represent the switches. In the above circuit a child can learn about Resistors, LED's, Diodes, Batteries and Buzzers without touching a soldering Iron. Today our children are also lacking motor skills to be able to work with their hands. When the children see the assembled circuit they say "is that all we are going to do?, that is easy" but they realise very quickly that it is not so easy to strip a wire, or to hold a thumbtack with pliers to hit it into the wood with a hammer.

Give your child a head start. If they show a genuine interest, parents no longer have to be hindered by the thought of a soldering iron. Should parents be concerned about the assembly they can relax, as we include circuit diagrams with our kits.

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